This me I be, this blog right here, is all about the tumbleweed, or at least so’s been saying its About Page for years.

Informative, innit?

Sets that scene of rolling weeds breaking up the monotony of bleakness.

It suggests there’s nothing here.

But it doesn’t require DCI Vera Stanhope (Northumberland & City Police, pet) to sleuth out the hundreds of posts in the Archive. It only helps.

There are 527 of them (as of 07/02/20), and this number is only growing.

Each of these posts is evidence that the truth is a little different. There is indeed life here, there’s certainly a bit more landscape than nothing.

Together, we easily prove this blog’s About Page a liar.

Kind’a needs explanation, don’t you think?

What happened is quite simple, when my cousin died I started blogging because for me that represented life. Soon after though, around the time it came to whipping up an About Page, this blog became the only thing I had of mine that was me and real, I’d lost the rest of myself in the darkness. Being the only tangible part of me (other than, of course, my smoking hot body), I found its existence set-off sentences that didn’t have endings. Ultimately, having no full stops made it tough to describe myself and so ergo, I thought the tumbleweed gif was funny.

Currently, I’m working on finishing my sentences.

My thinking is, if This me I be is me then it needs to reflect me with better accuracy.

What you’ll find around here is my sanity.