I’m Tom, a funeral celebrant based in Portsmouth on the sunny South Coast of England.

  • 10-years in the End of Life industry;
  • Death Doula promoting living well, dying well;
  • Avid sunflower grower and Earl Grey drinker.
An image of me, Tomos James, a funeral celebrant, on Selsey Beach.

The essence of us;
That spark of who we are and what we bring;
The love we share –
Makes us worth a celebration!

Search and search and we’ll never find anyone like the person who has died.

The way they loved. Their laugh. That feeling you got when sitting by their side…

They were unique. And an important part of life.

Whether it’s a funeral or a memorial

Together, we’ll create a ceremony that feels like them and rings true to how they lived. And bids them farewell your way…

It’s not goodbye.
It’s farewell;
It’s until we meet again
When the time is right…

When someone close dies, it can be a challenge to navigate all the paperwork and decisions and emotions and tasks it brings.

Where do I start?
How do I start?
What am I supposed do?

And creating a ceremony that feels like them and says farewell like you shouldn’t add to the burden.

Working with a funeral celebrant shouldn’t be a mystery…

An image of me, Tomos James, a funeral celebrant, standing in front of a tree.

Love is the absolute best of ourselves
That we can offer others…

It’s the little things that make us love someone the most. And it’s those little things that add to their meaning. To the way they make us feel inside.

As unique as our feeling for them resonates. The same, too, for how their death makes us feel.

Grief offers no menu. It holds no schedule. And sometimes, it doesn’t even make sense.

It is knots of every emotion and moment. Of joy and sorrow. Of love. And everything else.

It is entirely personal to ourselves.

My area

Based in Portsmouth.

My area stretches from Fareham to Bognor Regis.

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From £240

(within 25 miles of home)

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