A stack of paper representing my policies, guidelines, and statements...

Policies, guidelines & statements

Below, you’ll find my written policies, guidelines and statements…

Disaster Mitigation

A ‘disaster’ (in this context) is defined as any event or occurrence that has the chance to negatively impact the creation and/or delivery of a ceremony.

These events might include:

  1. Adverse weather;
  2. Technology and its bright ideas;
  3. Personal illness or a family-related emergency.

To mitigate against these and other possible, reasonably determinable disasters, the following are in place:

  • Dogged weather monitoring and I often shout at the clouds if I’m not happy. On Red Weather Warning days, I’ll liaise with both my client and the funeral director to determine our best course of action.
  • Updated technological things, and all the who-ha’s required to keep my systems working and safe.
  • A network of celebrants along the South Coast – one of whom will step-in if required.

For those disasters that can’t be reasonably determined: I’m quick on my feet, got a tongue, and your safety and mine is the most important.

Diversity & Inclusion

We’re all individuals and humans. And as such, we differ in so many beautiful ways. Whether that be in ability or by creed, ethnicity or age, gender or orientation, likes or dislikes… And because we’re (thankfully) not all clones, it’s our differences – and our acceptance and celebration of all that’s different – that has the power to enrich our lives and this world we share.

After all, we’re all humans just trying to get through a day. And we all have the same basic needs as each other. And those needs aren’t usually being in receipt of unkindness, alienation, or anything else that puts down and questions worth.

Far better, I think, to be kind. 

Privacy & Data

This day and age, privacy is a luxury.  And when it comes to our data, the best we can hope for is the knowledge of what they have and why, how it’s used, how it’s stored and for how long.

The data I collect comes from the following sources:

  • This website’s contact form;
  • Direct contact with me, including phone or email;
  • The nominated funeral director;
  • The funeral ceremony location;
  • And on rare occasions, a colleague celebrant.

For the majority of those who interact me, the data I collect is limited to name and contact details, such as phone number, email and home address.

I use this data to help create a ceremony, enabling the sharing of correspondence and gathering of tributes.

This data is stored securely in the cloud.

I hold this data for all but my clients only during the ceremony creation period. It is deleted within a month of the ceremony taking place.

I hold my clients’ data beyond the ceremony date for audit and taxation requirements. It is deleted once all requirements have been met.

Within a month of the ceremony, all scripts are made anonymous. And kept indefinitely for my development and records.

You may request for your data to be deleted sooner by emailing me at [email protected]

Terms & Conditions (coming soon)

Until prepared in full, ‘Working with me – what to expect’ and ‘fees’ do outline my terms of service.