Working with me

What to expect

Working with a funeral celebrant comes at a difficult time.

The challenges that arise when someone close dies can make meeting and working with a celebrant feel daunting to those left behind.

  • Who is this funeral celebrant?
  • What are they going to want from me?
  • What will I have to do?

And often, it’s the not knowing that fuels concern.

Below, you’ll find a guide to what you can expect while working with me…

Step-by-step – from first contact to after the ceremony

Footprints in the sand
01 / Getting in touch

I’m usually contacted by your chosen funeral director.

And I aim to call you (their client) within 24-72h of this contact to arrange a date and time to meet.

(Their client becomes my client. And I liaise with the funeral director throughout.)

02 / Your meeting options

Our options include:

  1. Face-to-face (in a place best for you);
  2. Over the phone;
  3. On Zoom, Teams, or another service.

We may also ‘meet’ by email, if you’d prefer. Although this will be much less personal.

Feel free to invite anyone you wish to join us.

03 / Preparing for our meeting

If you get a chance, have a think about what you’d like the ceremony to include and share. Such as:

  • Readings (poems, extracts, quotes);
  • Music (favourite songs, artists, genres);
  • Stories and memories of your loved one;
  • If anyone might like to participate (by reading or writing a tribute or the eulogy, for example).

Also, things like what to do with the curtains at a crematorium are ideas to consider.

You can find out how else to prepare here:

04 / Our meeting

At your own pace and with your comfort in mind, we’ll move through our meeting, and:

  • Confirm the details (like date and time, location);
  • Discuss the ceremony (what you’d like to include);
  • Chat about who’s participating and how;
  • Spend some time with photographs and memories of your loved one.

You may share with me as much or as little as you’re comfortable. And our meeting may be recorded to assist with note taking.

Please allow 2 hours.

05 / After our meeting

I’ll head back to the office and begin working on our script.

For you, maybe don’t arrange anything too taxing for immediately afterwards and take some time for yourself.

06 / Getting the ceremony right

Within a few days, I’ll have the first draft of the script prepared. And I’ll email you a copy so you may read through it and tweak bits as you see necessary.

If you (or someone else) are writing the eulogy and/or tributes. I’ll require a copy at least 48h before the ceremony so I may seamlessly slot them in and ensure we remain to time.

I’m available throughout this period.

07 / Day before the ceremony

I’ll print our script and double-check the details. And give you a call to check-in and run through the ceremony, if needed. 

And I’ll also call your funeral director to confirm how the ceremony will proceed.

For you, I think it’s best to do what’s best for you. Only you’ll know how to get through the day.

08 / The ceremony day

I’ll arrive roughly 30m early to prepare myself and (once able) to prepare the hall for us.

I’ll keep my eye out for you. And I’ll be looking to meet and reassure those participating. (I can read on their behalf if they feel unable.) 

Mourners should aim to arrive roughly 15m early. 

NOTE: Road access to many cemeteries & crematoria can be a nightmare. Please check how to get there And give yourself plenty of time to arrive.

09 / The days that follow…

… will be personal to you.

Assistance, support, understanding, compassion, and companionship is out there.

Do reach out if you need…

For further information…

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