Christmas, Work

No more work ’cause it’s Christmas!!!

YAY!!! And the best bit… IT’S NO MORE WORK UNTIL 2019!!! That’s a whole year away! And what’s super great is that I haven’t got to work Christmas Eve and those pesky days ’til New Year FOR THE FIRST TIME I CAN REMEMBER!!! (Except, of course, 2015 and ’17 when I was without job ’cause they […]

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Today with that machine and a new attitude

I strolled into work this morning and right up to that machine. I looked it square in the window and said, “We’re going to have a good day today.” I stepped to the left head and said, “You’ve only got to worry about this trolley and this side.” I stepped to the right head and said, […]

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Driving days 2 & 3 — heading to work

Instantly, having a car seems so natural, so helpful, so always been. All those years of not having a car seem so alien. It’s been barely 55 hours since buying my car and it’s like decades have gone by already. All those years of foot travel now obscured by the haze of the past. Before […]

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Things happening

This mornings’ commute

This morning I get to the station for 7, call from work – no power, don’t come in. I go home. As I’m settling with a tea at 9 I get a call from work – there’s power! Come in. I walk quick back to the station, trains delayed. AAARGH!!!

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Portsmouth Water, Vertigo migraines

Back to work — I survived!!!

I made it all the way through the day, I did! Very proud — touch and go, though. It wasn’t a guarantee. My day began with dry heaving, the type of dry heaving that’s actually you being sick but nothing’s coming up. An hour of it — I ate toast to give myself something to hurl but […]

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