Vertigo migraines, Work

I am my own employee

Having stress induced vertigo migraines got me thinking about stress and standing on my feet. In thinking about my feet I’ve drawn the conclusion that mine aren’t the ugliest in the world, and that my two littlest toes are cute. In thinking about stress I’ve determined that there’s lots of it. Some of it is […]

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Vertigo migraines

Vertigo Migraine — I seeeee you! (not)

It’s in my eye. I’ve got something in my eye! Ugh, and it wriggles. It’s like sickly clumps threatening to weep from my tear ducts. It’s like a bear’s come along and had a shit in my eye, mushed it in so it’s clumped around the nerve. It’s like I’m looking through water, like things […]

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