Today with that machine and a new attitude

I strolled into work this morning and right up to that machine. I looked it square in the window and said, “We’re going to have a good day today.” I stepped to the left head and said, “You’ve only got to worry about this trolley and this side.” I stepped to the right head and said, […]

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Vertigo migraines, Work

I am my own employee

Having stress induced vertigo migraines got me thinking about stress and standing on my feet. In thinking about my feet I’ve drawn the conclusion that mine aren’t the ugliest in the world, and that my two littlest toes are cute. In thinking about stress I’ve determined that there’s lots of it. Some of it is […]

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Vertigo migraines

Vertigo ongoing — when will it end?

Today, yesterday, Friday, Tuesday, Monday — today is the worst. I haven’t felt this bad since way back when this first started. It’s been weeks and weeks, if not a month. Vertigo. Actually, vertigo’s amateur cousin. Vertigo proper is of the ear fluid while I’ve got it of the ear nerve. Apparently not as bad. Apparently […]

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