Things happening

Right, okay

Got shit to do and here I am chatting on FaceBook, singing along to P!NK (got’a get ready for June), and now writing a post. Procrastinate much? Food won’t cook itself. Washing won’t hang itself. A suitcase won’t pack itself. I won’t get clean if I don’t get in the bath. But I’m chatting on […]

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A journey of weekends

A weekend procrastinating

Why do today what can be done tomorrow? That was the mantra of this past weekend. It’s somewhat the mantra of my life but that’s another story. It all began without a road trip to London. Now I think of it, that may have been pencilled in for the weekend before. Whichever, it hasn’t happened. […]

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Distract from distraction

It helps, when you write, if you (well) write. For some reason investigating the turbulent history of cat memes doesn’t write a story — I don’t know why, it’s just true. It’s also true that singing and dancing doesn’t write a story, no matter the tune — again, I’ve no idea why, it’s just the truth. […]

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