A journey of weekends

A weekend after a road trip​ to Wales

Heading off to Wales for 3 days was full of purpose. It was my first proper long distance drive since buying Bertie. 190-odd miles to my father, 15 to my mother, 180-odd back. I loved every minute. Bertie’s oil warning light issue was the only, well, issue. It was my first chance to freely travel […]

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Driving day 27 — homeward bound, the return home

Well, I’m home-home! My home — the place where I live. Not where my parents live. I call that home, too. It can get all very confusing. 180-something miles. 3 and a bit hours. It flew by. Bertie’s oil warning kept warning me and then not warning me, fickle shit — I got an experienced driver to […]

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