A customer's rant

Nationwide — still on your side if you don’t need money

Despite being super certain (and promising) the man from Nationwide ordered my new PIN for the wrong account again! YOU KIDDING ME? Another 3 to 5 working day wait. How many is that now? So that’s, what? — oh yeah, 3 BLOODY WEEKS!! I’m beginning to take this personally. Georgina, the manager of the Nationwide branch in Portsmouth, called […]

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A journey of weekends, Mental wellbeing

A weekend with friends & anger

Saturday saw me put to work on Shaun’s allotment, digging up onions that had flowered and planting new ones. I didn’t work alone. I had the expert assistance of a little person who gave reason to stop often for snacks, hide and seek, and to look at trains. According to Shaun I’m a bad influence on his son. […]

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