A journey of weekends, Vertigo migraines

A weekend not in Wales

This is my 2nd weekend in Wales in 2 months that I’ve spent in England. Some might think that I don’t want to visit my parents. And it’s true, last month they didn’t want me. One had a TV being delivered, the other antibiotics. For this month, with it being so close to Christmas, they […]

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A journey of weekends

A weekend of 2 halves

On the one side, I was resting a migraine. On the other, my main man Myles’ 4th birthday party!!! Saturday saw me catch up with all my series’ since moving was vetoed. Sunday saw my first (by car) visit to Lidl, followed by a 4-year-olds birthday party! I couldn’t find everything I had to get […]

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Vertigo migraines

Migraine 😒

I’m sat here with another migraine. You people are jealous. My eyesight’s funny, tummy ain’t happy, and I feel heavy. Top heavy. Very unstable. This one’s been in the making for 2 weeks. Since the last outburst, I’ve been mildly migrainous every day and I’m not stupid, I can read the signs. I can’t do […]

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