Vertigo migraines

The dentist & vertigo — not a love story

I’m signed off work — after visiting the dentist I can now very noticeably no longer walk in a straight line, nor stand in one place, nor sit without rocking, nor assure the integrity of my stomach, and all this since I stepped out onto the street after getting a scale and polish. It was a check-up and it’s part of the […]

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A journey of weekends

A weekend doing nothing

I did absolutely jack shit besides feeling like crap, writing, and watching movies. I also ate, had a bout of projectile vomit, slept, and had to go to the shop. Jeff came back to the family fold after 4 weeks on the lam — I do wonder what has been achieved. He needs to learn to behave, he’s […]

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Dentist on the 28th, 9am

I need to remember to tell work (if you’re reading, please remind me) that I’ve the dentist on the 28th, 9am. I should really go because I’ve not been since June and after my face exploded (along with a wisdom tooth) I feel it’s my duty to never endure that pain again, so I must! I […]

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