A journey of weekends

A weekend, the first of 2019

It was fucking cold. When with heating, it was fucking hot. And it went too quick. It’s true, when it comes to temperature, I’m inclined to overreact. I’m not as fat as I used to be, and I no longer walk in and out of mortuaries all day long, and sometimes it’s the only thing […]

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A tale that’s taken all day to write

Last night, whilst lying in bed feeling sorry for myself because my nose hurts and I don’t want to blow it any more The thought hit me like a truck I didn’t stick Bertie’s wing mirrors in! I know how to do it now — it just takes that bit more force than I was […]

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I’m ill — I’m dying. I might already be dead

If I was still working in a funeral home they’d take one look at me — glassy eyes, clammy skin, pale complexion — and figure I was a new resident. They’d plop me on a gurney, cover me for dignity, and wheel me into the mortuary. I wouldn’t find it cold, even though the room’s no warmer than […]

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