A journey of weekends, Christmas

A weekend of IT’S CHRISTMAS (so soon)!!!

It seems to be coming around quicker every year, Christmas.  I suspect, having recently been enlightened on the conspiracy surrounding fluoride, that we’re being lied to. It won’t take much digging by a perfectly focused snooper to discover that the months are being shortened, if not erased entirely, by our governments and big corporations.  WHY?! […]

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It’s Christmas!!!

This Christmas there is an air that’s lacked in previous years — the rush of death on its lead up I am not a part — and it is freeing. Not being in a funeral home, not being deceived by bullies, not staying in stoicism, is liberating. I am in a Christmassy mood for the first time in years, […]

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Mental wellbeing

Excuse me? It’s nearly September?

Have we really (nearly) had August already? The calendar says we have — apparently we’ve had a lot of it — but, excuse me? Where did July go? What have I been doing? I’d say today felt like late April, early May, not August and nearly September! I can’t be 32, I don’t remember my birthday — does […]

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