This me I be

The need to achieve, a success

Today, I needed to achieve something a little more substantial than applying for jobs that I’m not going to get. In this aim, I was highly successful. Before: After: It took me an hour to reclaim the patio. The knotweed was a weaved mat — I’m dreading the rest of the allotment. I’ve already warned […]

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A journey of weekends

A weekend a foot shorter than the tallest nettle

This year, a lot due to Shaun’s shoulder, this covid way of life, and a little because of I-can’t-be-arsed-itus, the allotment has had the attention it’s been used to. Nothing’s been planted. We’ve hardly been to see it. With restrictions lifting, his shoulder mended, and motivation restored, we went to the allotment! And my gosh, […]

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