A journey of weekends

A long weekend egg hunting

Myles is now of the age to enjoy a good egg hunt. He loves them so much that he needs to partake in lots and lots of egg hunts. It’s an unofficial count of 40 on Easter Sunday — it would’ve been an official count but I forgot to count. The hardest part was finding […]

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In memory, Mental wellbeing

It’s March 31st again

This date looms in the calendar. 11:20(ish) a.m.. 3 years ago today he left us when he should’ve been allowed to stay. He was such a wonderful man, and I’m not just saying this because I’m biased. He was a much better man than me. And 3 years on, it feels like it’s been barely […]

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Things happening

This mornings’ commute

This morning I get to the station for 7, call from work – no power, don’t come in. I go home. As I’m settling with a tea at 9 I get a call from work – there’s power! Come in. I walk quick back to the station, trains delayed. AAARGH!!!

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