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I’m just going to say right off the bat — I swear. I’m not expletive-laden but I will casually drop in the odd ‘fuck, shit, twat’ when relaxed and chatting. Also, I’m a writer and I find swear words can sum up something concisely, so please expect some there, too. Naturally, if the topic talk makes swearing unseemly then I won’t swear.

I’m a responsible swearer, just not when having a chat.

So, how you keeping?

Me? All’s good, always good — currently listening to Heat Wave (Martha Reeves & The Vandellas) and getting my jive down as I wait for the computer to catch up with these words.

That pretty much sums up ‘me’ — I type feverishly away and then wait for the words to appear on the screen dancing.

Born in London and raised in Wales, I now live in Portsmouth on the sunny South Coast.

I am my many passions and dispassions — I like to think that they balance themselves out and make me alright like, you know, decent — and I love to laugh.

I’ve been a nightclub manager and I’ve worked in a funeral home — currently I work for Portsmouth Water — but should all of me line up accordingly I am a writer first and foremost — I love the buzz when inspiration strikes and I love the frustration, the satisfaction, the tale, the way the words look on the page…

To be honest, I don’t know what’s going to get posted here — I figure it’ll be ‘wait and see’ — so please have a look around and pop back, and always keep in touch!

Have a great day folks, and thanks for reading! — Tom :c)