One day, we’re all going to have to have dealings with a Funeral Home – we’ll ultimately have to pass through one, but that time will be easier on us than anyone else.

When faced with death emotions arise that may prove erratic, that may not manifest as we might’ve expected, and they’ll be a battle we’ll have to fight alongside making big decisions and paying the big bill at the end of it.

Times will get tough.

I just feel, forewarned is the best armour…

Before need

01 – An end of life discussion

02 – Pre-paid funeral plans

At need

01 – Choosing the right Funeral Home

02 – Where have they died? – Who to call & what to expect

03 – Registering their death

04 – The funeral arrangements

The Chapel of Rest

Behind the doors

01 – The people in your local Funeral Home

02 – The day-to-day mundane in a Funeral Home

03 – What happens behind a Funeral Homes’ doors

(If it’s green I’ve been – please bare with me while I get things sorted)