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November 27th

Every date is the anniversary of something. Good times, things done, stuff you’d rather forget. But when some dates loom backstage memories, emotions, thoughts seem to gather to muse upon what is ahead. It can take you back. You can get taken right back to pass the same hours, hear the same things, feel the same strength and hopelessness. Sometimes it is a good […]

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In the funeral home, Mental wellbeing, The Southern Co-operative

A look back — me, a former funeral co-ordinator, reminiscing…

For the last half decade I worked in funeral homes in and around Portsmouth (and one in Worthing), and I was employed by The Southern Co-operative Funeralcare to arrange funerals and to ensure their ‘successful’ delivery. Throughout this time I worked very closely with some fantastic people who have helped me deliver well over 500 funerals, and […]

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Mental wellbeing, The Southern Co-operative

My thank you to you

I feel a little glutton with all the kind words I’ve received upon my last post — the time taken to write your uplifting messages is not lost on me and I really appreciate your outstretched hands of support, they have each offered me a strength that wasn’t easy to grasp before. I was never on […]

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