A delayed weekend after a week unacknowledged

By Wednesday of last week, it was clear that the week didn’t want to be acknowledged.

It was one of those weeks that got me under my skin.

If I could forget something, I forgot it.

Monday was summed up by the human shit I had to clear up in the car park.

Not one to force things, I did as the week wished and wrote it off.

Starting afresh this week.

With that said, I did get nettled in the face on Friday.

Nettled lips feel odd.

But while last week wished to be laid to rest earlier than scheduled, the weekend could’ve lasted forever.

At least, the weekend could easily become a regular habit in which I would and could never find issue.

So many positives arose for myself and Shaun from one little change in the usual.

Myles didn’t only stay Friday night, he also stayed Sunday night.

I could very easily get into the habit of, and expect always, the kid being here.

He made Monday morning a measurably more pleasant affair. I got up. I had a decent breakfast of scrambled eggs. I watched Scooby Doo.

Today, on the other hand, without the kid slurping his coco pops in the living room, I woke up late. I ate one and a half slices of toast. The first conversation I had was in work.

Tomos James