A weekend that gave birth to one of those Monday’s

A 915 haircut appointment on Saturday got me up and out by 830, which for my lie-in day, sucks. But I look pretty I’d look prettier without the bags, but one must have a flaw.

I popped to Primark with Jackie, but it was a fruitless endeavour because they didn’t have a rain coat that wasn’t a poncho.

The kid got here and got to watch his first football match with his dad.

England versus somebody-or-other, I believe Ukraine.

I think the kid enjoyed it, because for every goal England scored I could hear him screaming with joy from the other room, over the hiss of the iron.

On Sunday, naturally, we played LegoCity and a bit of Tony Hawk’s skating game. Shaun’s banned from gaming until his thumb has healed owing to its weeping.

And all weekend, the three of us have enjoyed the spoils of the allotment.

Carrots, potatoes, and beetroots.

Such simple things taste so much nicer and cook so much better when they are hard earned.

While busy in one form or another, this weekend has been made a good weekend because of the lads.

And then along came today.

I woke up alright, a little behind schedule, but not late.

I got in the car alright.

I reversed without issue, drove the first 100 yards without any problem at all, and then I remembered that I’d forgotten my smoker and wallet.

No biggie.

How I drove around the block, parked up, got out, unlocked the front door, traipsed to my room, picked them up, and then retraced my steps all the way back to that 100 yards was so uneventful it doesn’t need mentioning.

I drove further than 100 yards.

I got myself onto the A27.

I passed the last junction before the long stretch to Chichester and remembered that I’d forgotten my mask.

No biggie, there’s loads in work.

Anyway, so the day happens. It comes to leaving. I get in the car. Drive all the way back to Portsmouth. Get to a set of traffic lights and my sat-nav gives me a code so I can connect my phone to it via bluetooth.

I pressed cancel knowing that my phone wouldn’t request such a thing while I was nowhere near it.

It suddenly dawned on me that I was most certainly nowhere near it.

I’ve left the thing in work.

So that’s been my Monday hellbent on me leaving things that would be handy to have in places where I’ve been and left.

Tomos James