A very delayed weekend not visiting the allotment

The problem with writing a weekend post on a Wednesday is that I don’t remember what happened.

I struggle to remember what happened come the Monday.

To steal one of Myles’ favourite phrases, “I don’t remember”.

With that said, it turns out that I do.

Saturday saw us rescuing the kid because he was boooooooooooooooooored sat in his mother’s car.

Sunday saw him designing and building an ace Hot Wheels track that worked first time and loads better than any of mine.

We didn’t visit the allotment at all because all its done is rain, rain, rain, rain, brief spot of sunshine, and rain.

Since they’re technically the weekend for the sheer fact that I’m writing this post on a Wednesday…

Monday I had work.

Tuesday I had work.

I’ve also had work today.

Today, mind, it took me an hour to get into work for no particular reason I saw on the A27.

Tomos James