A weekend that started promptly, but then got delayed by a complaint email

I went to bed 20 minutes earlier than normal on Thursday night, which of course meant I woke up an hour earlier on Friday.

With all this extra time, I got the washing in the machine and the dishes done.

My efforts basically meant that the weekend started at 17:30 promptly.

Saturday was an early morning bit of shopping followed by an afternoon of not doing a great deal.

Sunday saw the kid descend and change the rules as he breathes in every game we played. It ended having a pub meal, which was strange. The first sip of cider was heavenly and it didn’t take long to get back into the swing of sitting in a pub with people you know, surrounded by people you don’t.

Monday, I had every intention of writing this post — I even started it — but Rachel from our letting agents had got a touch defensive after I’d pointed out that, despite her thinking, because of the law she was wrong. Myself and HSE think that letting agents shouldn’t be renting out flats with flues hanging off boilers. Apparently, if Rachel is to be believed, they can. Well, in her defensiveness she got sloppy with her English and dropped herself in it, and me being rabid, pounced.

Tomos James


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