A delayed weekend pre new job

Gone are the days of doing other people’s grocery shopping.

And here are the days of overseeing cremations.

To celebrate and prepare, the weekend was full of doing things.

I treated myself to a haircut. ‘Treat’ lol — after however many months, it was a legal requirement.

I tried to treat myself to a new suit, but I wasn’t short and skinny enough, or tall and fat enough, to nicely carry anything I found.

I got a nice suit off Shaun, though — wears good.

I spent a good few hours trying to follow Myles’ game he made up with its rules that change to suit his needs.

I baked a vegan chocolate cake for Erika’s birthday and didn’t overly fuck it up. The real fuck up came about when I tried to trim it and I don’t cut straight.

I made a vegan chocolate ganache (to go on the cake) and, other than it’s light brown hue looking like someone had taken a dump, it was the nicest part.

I even managed to squeeze in catching a tan that I didn’t think I’d caught.

The delay this week was, once home last night, I couldn’t be bothered.

Tomos James