A delayed weekend that ended a good week

Sure, my mood frayed, but it always frays — I’m not very good at sewing.

I can do that patch thing with the iron, but even that only lasts an hour or two.

But I digress…

With the kid off school and Shaun off work, the week was as it should be in our shared home.

Father and son getting their chance to chill amongst all the excitement.

Best mates getting to cause havoc day in, day out.

We had archery practice.

We had barbecues.

We climbed trees and nearly fell out of them (me).

We ate pizza.

We watched movies.

We had edge-of-our-seat Mario Kart races.

The list of things we did was only limited by our hours awake.

It’s sure been nice having the kid here as much as he should be.

The kid appreciated it, too.

In other news, my DBS check for my new job came back in 4 minutes — this makes me feel and seem a tad boring. I don’t mind the lack of anything on it, but 4 minutes? At least take an hour…!

The delay in the weekends post was because I was soooo tired.

No more getting up for 2am in my future!

Tomos James