Earache, headache, moodache

From the crown of my head to the base of my neck, in a thin strip behind my right ear, canes like a mother fucker.

The ear canal feels a bit like burning, like as if I’ve taken something out of a hot oven without gloves on ‘cause I’m an idiot.

A very talented idiot, it’s true, because I can’t wiggle my ears, let alone use them like hands.

And fuck me, my ear does not like a breeze!

The rest of the thin strip of pain feels like I’ve been punched.

According to the nurse who had a gander in my ear this afternoon, I’ve an upper ear infection.

The skin from the drum to the lobe is as red as a tomato.

While moaning is not becoming, I feel better for having a whinge.

Well, ‘better’ is a strong word.

My ear is still painful because perish the thought it would stop for a minute or, better yet, fuck off entirely.

My neck, my jaw, behind my eye, and the top bit of my head still hurts, but to be truthful, everything above the eye tends to hurt anyway.

I’m still ratty because no amount of pain killers is relieving.

And the word ‘ratty’ is a weak word.

I have limited patience.

I have heightened frustration.

I have a good memory (I usually forget).

I’m wound more set to notice changes.

That was a strange thing to do…

I don’t know why that’s been said like that…

I’m more prone to bite.

And while I’m trying not to be a shit, I’m failing.

It transpires, 8 days — soon to be 9 — of earache and headache brings about a moodache.

But in fairness to myself, I have managed to endure 7 days and kept my shit together.

Mostly kept my shit together.

Ok, it’s hard to keep shit together when it doesn’t want to clump.

Tomos James