A weekend that changed timezones on me

This year, British Summer Time starting didn’t start the usual Friday night before it officially starts so I can get used to it, but started 7 minutes after it started, with me confused as hell.

The problem I noticed this year, what with starting work at 2am on the day British Summer Time starts, my 01:05 alarm, my 01:15 alarm, and my ‘get out the door’ 01:35 alarm didn’t go off on my phone.

They didn’t go off because there wasn’t that whole damn hour.

Fortunately, my stone age digital clock went off as scheduled at 01:07, which was 02:07, and ‘cause I’m a dab hand at getting my skates on, I was only 30 minutes late for work.

The other 6 people turned up at 3, which was 2 in old money, and got told off by the manager. He tried to tell me off, but like I said, there was a whole hour missing and I clawed back 30 minutes.

Other than that, the weekend was spent playing Lego City Undercover with Myles. We’ve discovered 2 player, which basically means, he steals a car, Shaun or I steal a cop car and have to try and catch him while he leaves us for dust.

Tomos James