A delayed weekend sieving soil

As it sounds, Shaun and I sieved soil over the weekend. 

We got soil. 

We put said soil in a sieve. 

We sieved it. 

We then spread the freshly sieved soil out nice over the plot with a rake. 

We repeated. 

But we hadn’t totally lost the plot. 

We can restone Southsea beach with the amount of stones we’ve got coming out of the allotment. 

While we wanted to use something like the gif above — a swing-sieve, I suppose — we didn’t make one so we had to use a bread basket,

We basically panned for stones and to say we ache is an understatement. 

In other news…

This morning in work, I said to a few people: 

“I’ve noticed that you like walking around with a semi.”

(We were down the milk aisle and they were holding semi-skimmeds in their hands.)

One panicked and the rest deadpanned me. 

I mean…

Comedy gold!

Tomos James