A weekend at the window watching a pigeon drink

I was there 10 minutes — it was well thirsty!

But in other news, Myles is getting good at his Hot Wheels track designs, and I’m a novice car mechanic.

It took 28 longer than the 2 minutes the YouTube video suggested, and I needed a screwdriver that the man in the video didn’t, but I singlehandedly changed the reverse light thingee I smashed whilst I was gloating at how good I was getting at reversing last weekend.

The headlights beat me a while back, but I’m strong enough to wrestle off a reverse light thingee!

Some call me Mr Muscle, others by some other names, and to be quite frank, I ain’t disagreeing. I may draw a few lines, but I’m not thick, I have a Thesaurus.

So all in all, a pigeon quenched its thirst, Myles’ track worked perfectly, and I changed the light bulb case thing that sits at the back of my car.

Tomos James


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