Bad urgings — UPDATE

Originally posted 25/02 @ 06:27

Bad thoughts this morning. Urging ones. I’m going to ignore them. I’m going to head to the allotment once the sun has come up.

I’m sure I said yesterday that today was going to be better not worse.

But then again, most of what I say and feel is invalid bullshit so probably shouldn’t be surprised.


First of all, the post I alluded to this morning that suggested that today would be better, not worse, never got posted yesterday.

I found it like this 4 slices of toast ago:

Sitting all pretty.

Forgotten because I’d gone to bed.

And second of all, while all I did was unweave a mat of knotweed, I was reminded of my time mucking out stables every morning way back when I was a teen.

A thankless job because I’m going to have to do it again in a minute, but it’s nicely mindful and a pleasure to see done.

And as we all know, pleasure, especially the wholesome kind, helps calm the mind.

Tomos James