A weekend searching for the kid’s marbles

Our problems began when the kid decided to count his marbles.

He cracked open his head, scooped them all out, and lost a half-dozen when they rolled around the table. 

A few dozen more were lost during a game of marbles. 

Another handful scattered while testing out a Hot Wheels track. 

A few vanished due to butter-fingers and general mishaps.

Always knowing the kid was nuts, we decided try and find his marbles to mitigate future issues.

We looked under the sofa and found a few. 

A couple had jumped up into the light shade. 

I found one behind his ears, which goes to show that the kid doesn’t wash properly.

In all, he has 57 marbles. 

He’s still the same amount of nuts, so I guess, no damage done. 

Tomos James