A delayed weekend of highlights

First off, my new habit has clearly not taken hold yet. Meant to be posting these on a Monday, but Monday’s seem to fail because I’m asleep when I used to post. So the big plan is to change this post to a Sunday, but it’s hard to remember to do things 24 hours earlier than standard. I have reminders set, but I ignore those.

So for this weekend, the highlights have been:

Catching my nose in the kitchen cupboard so good I’d to clean blood off the door. Well hurt. No word of a lie. Shaun thought it hilarious, but then I did laugh when he face-smacked a lamppost.

Trying my hand at making honeycomb — my version was a lot quicker to make than how the bees make it — and I had much more success than failure. It turned out very sweet, which people say is expected, but it’s sugar-sweet not caramel-sweet. I didn’t melt the sugar good.

Popping to the (very covid neglected) allotment and finding winter is our friend! The weeds are dead!

Waiting and waiting and waiting on XPD to not deliver our new blinds. Amazing company. Their customer service team don’t deal with individual tracking queries. Super helpful.

Not eating sufficiently early enough at night so I struggle to sleep and get to play migraine roulette when I’m up and out the door by 01:40 in the morning. Best game ever. Got my brains splattered this morning.

Tomos James