A weekend in a funny headspace

Not particularly hilarious, not bad nor good — hardly self-negative. For me, it was a struggle to keep a positive mind when everywhere I turned was showing up negative. 

Last week had been a difficult week for the majority of the people I hold dear. 

Their difficulties, while their own, remain my concern because I love these people. 

It was hard this weekend to maintain a positive headspace when my own bad feelings and thoughts like seeing negatives. 

It was the little things that had the power to help ease my mind. Things like being shown respect without needing to ask. 

Knowing the signs and adapting my mood-management methods, I did good.

I walked to Sainsbury’s and back, but unfortunately the fresh air didn’t help much. 

I drove into Portsmouth to get a candle from Wilko’s, but getting blocked in by two ambulances for 40 minutes did away with the gains I’d made. I maintain, had they had their blue lights flashing, I would’ve been able to wait graciously for longer than 10 minutes.

So even though I failed, I tried, and trying is all I’ve got.

But then Myles showed up and what funny headspace?

It’s like magic what that kid can achieve.

Our gingerbread houses:

Mine is on the right.

It was my first gingerbread house and to be honest, I got a little bored.

I think, should I ever make one again, it’ll need to be a group effort.

Tomos James


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