Day I don’t know of self-isolation

The results are in…

I’m positive for covid!!

Like as if that’s a surprise since Shaun’s been traipsing it through the house…!

Bitterness aside, these are my symptoms:

Migraine — sorry, I mean MIGRAINE!!!! Non-stop since the 9th. Fortunately, not a heavy headache brand, more a crippling nausea / vertigo version. (The ‘fortune’ here clearly isn’t mine — is it yours?)

No sense of smell or taste — since Sunday and ongoing. Everything tastes like it comes from Morrisons (bland), and the worst bland thing I’ve found so far is toothpaste. Yuck! There’s something about the texture of toothpaste in your mouth that mint hides. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know why. I don’t like it. I need mint back in my life.

Raised body temperature — since last Thursday-ish and ongoing. At my fever’s height (Friday / Saturday) I was a comfortable 1.5℃ warmer than usual. I say ‘comfortable’ because they were two nights I didn’t need a water bottle. Today, my temperature is 0.5℃ above normal, but I did take it after looking in the mirror, should probably take that into consideration, but if I’m honest, I’m on the cold side of comfortable.

Dry continuous cough — started around last Wednesday, but only became dry and vaguely continuous on Friday. Two minutes later (roughly), it was a regular hacking cold cough. These days, my lungs seem to forget they are meant to be coughing, and then remember and give up a lonesome hack.

I can understand why this escalates — more so at the beginning, but occasionally now, it feels like I’m breathing slightly treacle air.

If it wasn’t for the migraine, I probably wouldn’t notice I had covid. Since I know I won’t shop at Morrisons, though, I would notice the bland food.

I’m free from the 24th.

Tomos James