A weekend under a spot light

The restaurant underneath is opening in a few weeks as a Thai Tapas & Sushi place.

I know!

Sounds exciting!

To prepare for their opening night, they’ve turned the lights on to light up their sign.

To me, too.

Except, they don’t light up the sign.

Apparently, this was the best place to put them.

According to our neighbour, they were originally under the windows, but apparently, that wasn’t a very a good place to have them.

This place is better.

They’re like fucking daylight!

Two nights of it.

No soul in the restaurant.

The silly letting agent lady said that they wouldn’t be turned off because the landlord wanted them on.

There was nothing I could do about it.

Needless to say, they’re not shining now.

When will these people learn?

If it takes me 14 phone calls…

If it takes me staking out the restaurant…

If it takes me accidentally — and I don’t know how this happened — sending all these photos I found in my phone to the council…

Myles has the right idea with his new bedroom door sign…

Isn’t his writing good?

My only amendment:

Tomos James