A weekend realising that a solution is needed

In my old flat, I’d open the door, take a step in, and hang my keys on the hook in front of me. I’d turn left, take a step, kick off my shoes, and drop my wallet in the box on the shoe rack. 6 more steps saw me in my living room. Another 6, in the kitchen, my phone by the kettle. 

These days, I open the door, turn left, head up 25 steps, walk 8, kick off my shoes, and drop my keys and wallet in the box on the shoe rack. I turn right, take 7 steps, and lose my phone.

If I turn left, it gets lost in the living room.

If I turn right, it hides in the kitchen.

Forward 5 steps, a right, and it’s lost in my room.

If I hook a left, the hallway or the bathroom swallows it up.

I’ve spent a good portion of this weekend, the week before, the near month before that, looking for my phone.

If I wasn’t in the habit of putting it on silent, this problem wouldn’t be so notable.

Since I am, it is.

I need to find a solution!

In finishing this post, I’ve had a glance to my side and I’ve lost my phone. I better go hunting if I’m finding it before midnight. This is the second time today.

Tomos James