A weekend that required an extra day due to an administrational hiccup

It was technically this morning when I got to settling down to writing this weekend post, so I was running late, and figured I may as well wait until the other side of the day.

The reason for my delay was that I was building my desk.

In all truth, the desk was built, but because I don’t have storage for odds and sods, it was lost beneath the crap attracted to it.

I spent a good portion of last night digging out the desk, building a chair, and making myself a wee little office like I’ve never had before.

Myles had his first weekend sleepover, and with his sister visiting, he ended up having the best weekend of his summer. His highlight (I’m sure) was thrashing me at bowling with his 2 strikes and 5 spares over two games.

My highlight was having a full house, now topped off with a nice little office area.

Oh, and we finally have wifi!

All very go-go-go.

Tomos James