A weekend (the first) in my new home

My bed has changed walls almost as many nights as I’ve slept in this flat.

I’m loving how the ground floor (a restaurant) is terraced but our abode is detached in nature, very free of neighbourly disturbance.

There’s sufficient space between our bedrooms that we can independently listen to music and bother no-one.

By my reckoning, my bedroom now is the same width and depth as my former living room/kitchen combo and bedroom combined.

The view from the kitchen is a tad bigger than a couple of trees and a brick wall. I can see Langstone Harbour and The Spinnaker Tower, and on hazeless days I can see the Isle of Wight.

To park no longer means to park and walk a mile to the front door. Now, to park means to park and barely stroll to the front door. Much better. Less taxing.

When cooking, the oven and microwave now stay where they live, not commute to and from work.

And so on…

Tomos James