Another defrosted freezer, another pissed off cook

For the second time in a month, twat features here –

Has turned the freezer off, not noticed, and defrosted its entire contents. It’s all mush.

The cook is not pleased.

There was a homemade doner longing to be eaten.

Myles’ prickly palate had reasons to shout “Yum!”

There was a lonesome Magnum that only wanted a warm home.

On the plus side, I hadn’t finished restocking the freezer after its last defrosting, so I didn’t destroy as much this second time around.

I consider that a win.

Tomos James

2 thoughts on “Another defrosted freezer, another pissed off cook

  1. I used to do this all the time… We had to put a big X on the plug so I knew not to turn this one off…


    1. Well, I’ve got to turn it off when it’s pissing me off (it’s got that sort of sound that grates). I made on/off sign that’s magnetic, and so far, I’ve remembered to turn the stupid thing back on again šŸ¤£


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