A weekend a foot shorter than the tallest nettle

This year, a lot due to Shaun’s shoulder, this covid way of life, and a little because of I-can’t-be-arsed-itus, the allotment has had the attention it’s been used to. Nothing’s been planted. We’ve hardly been to see it.

With restrictions lifting, his shoulder mended, and motivation restored, we went to the allotment!

And my gosh, didn’t we learn a lesson!

Nettles has high as the eye could see.

Paths? What paths?

Most of the plots were weed-free thanks to being covered.

We found an ants nest with four times the population of Portsmouth in it. They weren’t too impressed when we relocated them.

They should’ve thought of that before setting up home on a path.

In all, weeds are bitches.

Tomos James