A weekend that kept to its scheduled number of days

It’s Monday! I know it’s Monday! I’ve known it’s Monday all day! Yay! I even knew yesterday was Sunday! The day before was Saturday! I’m getting proper good with this changing named-days lark.

I’ve been trying to remember the last time I went outside. I think it was Friday. I didn’t go out Saturday because I had what I needed to make Salt & Pepper chips, which I didn’t cook in the end, I only prepped, and there was a curry in the freezer.

I did learn that the half teaspoon of hot chilli powder I added to the 5-spice and salt mix was totally unnecessary. I was trying to give it something that’s missing and went the wrong direction. Shaun loved every bite that stripped a layer off mouth-roof, but I think the taste of my own fresh flesh takes a little something away. Still nice, though.

Of all the people in the world who I’d love to see, there is one who trumps them all — Myles. Our video calls last nearly as long as our meet-ups, but they’re not the same. By all reports, his lockdown is going great — his emergency care package of Mario Kart & Wii a few weeks back remains his saviour. I’m looking forward, after all this practice, to our very first race.

Tomos James