Mario Kart, the revival

I’ve loved Mario Kart since the N64. I’m proper good at it. My character is Yoshi.

A few (many) years ago, I upgraded to Mario Kart Wii. I thrashed everyone on it. It’s one of the only things that gets me super competitive. People eventually stopped wanting to play with me and Mario Kart got put in a box. Eventually, like all things, out of sight got forgotten about.

Not too long ago, Mario Kart appeared in the app store and promptly got downloaded. I don’t thrash as hard in this version, mostly because I can’t be Yoshi all the time and have to go for the best character-kart combo for the track, but I still give a good beating.

While navigating through my phone to the games last weekend, Myles noticed Mario Kart. It turns out, Myles also loves Mario Kart. His character is Mario.

We hooked the phone to the TV and spent some time watching each other race solo.

I’ve got a Wii — Mario Kart — in a box.

Dig it out.

Set it up.

We can race against each other!

I know, right?

So that’s what I’ve done.

The only hiccup has been that the Wii comes with those funny red, yellow and white pins, and my TV doesn’t have the holes. I’ve got a scart adaptor thing, but again, my TV doesn’t have the holes.

Fortunately, someone thought of this and there’s this thing you can get, it changes the output to HDMI, and my TV has the hole.

Even better, Amazon delivered a day early.

It transpires, I still thrash at Mario Kart.

On Saturday, I foresee an exploding Myles.

Tomos James