Yeah, so where the hell did the washing machine go?

So, today I had a new washing machine delivered.

Been living here ten years with old jumping bean, but it’s time for a change. I fancied a washing machine that wouldn’t chase me out of the room.

It took me a while to unplumb the thing, mainly because everything pissed out water, but once I’d found the tap under the sink, old jumping bean was in its usual place, in the middle of the room, except this time unattached.

Because we’re cheap and refused to pay the £45 removal charge, I donned Shaun’s shoulder strap the moment I saw the lads pull up in their van.

I put on a little cheek, a little request for a favour, with my ‘broken shoulder’, and the lads figured they had to go downstairs anyway, so they might as well take old jumping bean with them.

I was like:

And so I watched them lug old jumping bean down the stairs.

They left it by the wall in the driveway.

We all went on with our days.

I spent an hour or so putting off cleaning the place where the new washing machine will live.

Once done, I went on a little cleaning spree and decided to take the recycling to the bin.

I stepped outside…

Old jumping bean was gone!


I know for a fact it was left by the wall.

After a cursory glance around, I shrugged and realised that I didn’t have to get rid of a washing machine that had got rid of itself.

Problem sorted.

But it begs the question,

Where the hell did the washing machine go?

Apparently, the scrap man took it.

There’s a man who drives around taking scrap.

He must’ve been waiting in the bushes or something.

Very helpful, but not sure how I feel about this…

I haven’t plumbed the new washing machine in yet.

What with the impromptu bath this morning, and the question I’ve got about a bung, and the corrugated plastic that needs to be screwed in somewhere, I figured I’d wait for Shaun to get here.

Tomos James