The simplest and easiest tasks are always the most time consuming

Not too long ago, I stumbled upon Trello.

Now, Trello is this website that helps people manage projects.

On Thursday, I thought ‘I have a blog, that’s a project!’ and so I started to project manage my blog. This requires (in my mind) backdating posts. With the year-end of weekends coming up, I had my start point. Once done, I went from there.

I’ve only got 530 posts on this blog, but fuck me

Monotonous much!

Copy and paste the title.
Copy and paste the cover image (if there is one).
Copy and paste the link.
Set the labels.
Set the date.
Add me as a member (so I can see my pretty face).

I keep telling myself that what I’m doing will help me once I’m done, but I’m only 287 through and I’ve got millions left. I wish I never started.

My one saving grace, over these 5 years I can’t be considered prolific.

Okay, well it’s been nice chatting. I better do as I’m told.

Tomos James