Sleepy tired 💤

I don’t think I have a name. If I do, I don’t know it.

Another thing I don’t know is how I made it through the day.

I think the tea IV helped.

Last night, I went to bed a little later than planned, around 00:20. It always takes me a little while to fall asleep, sometimes up to an hour.

At around 01:40, this freight train stalled in my room and I tried to shut it up by throwing pants and socks at it. I managed to stuff its pipes with a cardigan and got a few minutes rest-bite but then the boiler blew.

At 02:00, I ran screaming into the living room with the intention of falling asleep on the recliner. That was never destined to happen so at 02:30 I went back to bed.

I started the whole go-to-sleep process again, but at 04:30 my bladder called just as a marching band made its way through the hallway.

Thankfully, at 05:00, the band found the door and took itself out.

I thought to myself, YES! I CAN GET SOME SLEEP!

The boiler then shortly kicked on.

Mr Early Riser upstairs did his heavy footed habit.

Next door had trouble starting their car.

By the time the dustbin men came, clanged, left, there was no more time for sleep to be had.

Now sat here, I’m sleepy tired but awake. I’m in that batty zone that makes me feel like a dream.

Tomos James