It’s 2020!!!

The year of perfect vision!

I look back and sure, I enter the year minus employment, but I go in with less baggage, with new habits seized, and a better sense of who I am.

2019 showed me the sight of others, showed how understanding is bigger than me, how the brightest of lights can wane out of sight. I noticed the purity, how to allow to live.

I saw myself going into situations without bricking it. Things like job interviews and death doula training days were a breeze and highly successful.

I caught glimpses of conviction amongst the sun-rays of hope. I still struggled to write it all down but that’s writer’s block. I found praise to give me for things I deserved.

For 2020, I’d like a similar year.

I’d like to understand more, but at one more, just generally be more than who I am.

I’m 36 in June, and that’s halfway to 74, so I’m nearly 80 and got a legacy to think about.


Tomos James