A weekend to scoop out eye milk and pack a suitcase

For reasons of cloudy vision, my father got the milk scooped out of his eye in some hospital a whole timezone away from his home.

Okay, ‘whole timezone’ is a slight exaggeration, but it wasn’t the 3 nearest hospitals to him and it did take 24 hours to get from mine to his, scoop out the haze, and back again.

Fortunately, because I’ve recently been taking lots of people (2) to my local hospital for various appointment types, I’m well versed at sitting in a waiting room. The two hours or so waiting for the eye scoop flew by like a snail.

Once home, I packed my suitcase, went to bed, got up, picked up Jackie, drove to Heathrow, and am currently sat with my arse New York City bench.

Next stop, HOTEL!!

Tomos James


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