A weekend not quite grasping the action plan




That was the action plan.

My thinking was logical.

It’s the weekend.

I’ve worked all week and it’s been really hectic. Birmingham, Reading, I’ve met my first learners.

I worked last weekend (a little).

Have a kick-up and chill weekend!!!

I deserve it!


I spent it rewriting my CV.

“WHAT?! You’ve only just started! You leaving already?”

No, it’s a little thing training places like their employees to do, I’m beginning to realise. I see another competency statement in my future…

Ok, “I spent it” suggests I was toiling away every single weekend hour when what it really means is that my laptop was next to me with the document open looking needy. But still, work related.

In less CV news, Shaun and I had a lovely stroll to Spice Island to see HMS Prince of Wales on Sunday. For 2 best friends who have lived in Portsmouth for 17 years, we’ve never once walked along this particular stretch of the seafront. My favourite part was our pointing out personal landmarks. I have to admit, his are a lot cleaner than mine – I managed to surprise with my escapades 🤣

Next weekend, I plan to try again with this not working idea. If I have work to do, I would try and not waste time and get it done straight off on Saturday but I know I can’t win against procrastination so it’s easier to not have work to do in the first place.

So my new action plan has to start with the week:




Once done, yay!

No work to do!

Tomos James