A weekend to get hit by a wave

After a hectic second week as a home based funeral coach, which saw me in Cardiff, Bridgend, and Swindon, the weekend was split between a full Saturday and a fuck all Sunday.

I met up with Myles on Saturday and we played with all of his new toys – transformers, more transformers (the kid has a thing for transformers), and we built things with lego, watched a movie, had birthday cake…

To end the day, not a half bad Indian takeaway with Tanya, and gossip.

Knowing that today I’m currently in Bristol, Sunday was always destined to be a fuck all day. I pottered and packed. I caught up on TV. I took a walk along the seafront and got hit by a wave. It’s true, time does slow as doom approaches… I was soaked 🤣

A note to this travelodge room: it smells like the back room of a butchers. Not carcass smell, pooled blood smell. Rather unpleasant.

Tomos James