A weekend feeling meh in the sunshine

It started mildly with a mild migraine, that sensation that I’m about 30 minutes away all day. Very meh feeling, exaserbating other things that make me feel meh.

Gloomy gus.

I’m starting a new job soon YAY! Very different. More me. Finding the thought daunting. I’ve never assessed someone in a funeral home before. Arranged their funerals, yes, but never coached them.

I’m leaving the factory YAY! Notice to work. Going to miss Shaun. Don’t want to be there.

I’m going to miss Shaun. (Enough to mention twice.)

Saturday saw me and the migraine meet Jackie and walk to Tesco, because I was having withdrawals from last weekend.

Sunday saw me picking Shaun up, hitting the creek, and paddle-boarding for a few hours. I thought I heard a seal but it turned out to be a dog. I need to swot up on my estuary birds because I thought every one was a Guillemot.

Tomos James